SEO Pointers you need to know for website design

May 21, 2023
SEO Pointers you need to know for website design

SEO is important for any business that operates online, but many do not know that search engine optimization needs to be incorporated into the web design process, not introduced later. The value of having a forum that is SEO-friendly is undeniable. By implementing SEO optimizations into your website, your visibility on search engines, and more specifically on Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), would increase. Since Google accounts for more than 90% of global organic search traffic, it is important to ease the work of the bots in order to be ranked quickly and easily.

A few SEO pointers crucial for website design

Duplicate Material Avoid

We will probably never say this enough but duplicate content leads to SEO problems that, especially when it comes to internal duplicates, will penalize your rankings. To preserve your SEO top-notch, always search for duplicate content and even for near duplicates.

Use robots.txt

If you don’t want to crawl pages on your website in order not to spend all your crawl budget, you can use robots.txt. It will tell the bots of the search engines the pages which can not be crawled. If you plan to restructure your website, remember to update the Robots.txt file!

Creating a Sitemap for XML

The XML Sitemap allows search engines to understand the structure of your website when they crawl it. You may also decide on the pages that are the most popular and useful to you and give them priority as you transfer more data to Google.

Making its platform compatible

For all types of devices that users can use, your website and your content must be configured so that they can have a pleasant user experience while doing so. There are several tools that, once you have determined the solution (between responsive and mobile) to implement, will help you with the mobile-friendliness of your website.

Internal Linking

Focussing on internal linking helps to establish the authority of the page and enables your readers to access your website easily. They would be tempted to remain on your website longer if you provide them with more appropriate reading options.

Keep a check on your orphan pages

It is necessary to ensure that all your pages are properly attached to your website structure, as crawlers follow links as they browse a website. You will classify your orphan pages and see those that are active and inactive thanks to OnCrawl’s cross-analysis, thus improving your overall structure.

Don’t indulge in Keyword Stuffing

Keywords reflect your website’s framework and your SEO strategy. Even if your aim is to rank on a particular phrase, avoid any kind of keyword-stuffing strategies, as your rankings will potentially be harmed.

Keep in touch with your viewers

It is crucial and necessary to handle the feedback received by your readers as it enables you to have a flourishing community. It shows that your content is worthy of their time and that they are reading it whether their comments are positive or negative. Always make it a point to reply to them.



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